CEO Of The Year

Push Beyond the Obvious

Bloom Consulting Firm is a full-service growth firm that truly recognises the complexities that go into promoting sustainable and strategic growth within its clients. As such, it has developed processes that assist clients in defining, developing, and optimising branding solutions that are specifically tailored to their respective businesses. Within the current digital age, individuality has never been more crucial, and Bloom Consulting Firm is on hand to breathe life and strategy into visions to bring them into reality. Helping brands that are set to reshape the world is where it truly thrives, and it leverages its overwhelming passion, courage, integrity, and teamwork to accomplish astonishing feats of marketing time and time again.

However, to truly understand Bloom Consulting Firm, we must delve into its key efforts. In the words of CEO Katy – “Our Bloom Process focuses on Deep Dive- Market and Consumer Analysis, Brand Development/Redevelopment, Lead & Influence Research, Creative Design and Development, Media Planning and Buying, Omni Channel Management and Optimization, Analysis of Analytics & Learning/ Plan Improvement, Sales Development Trainings, Event Experience, and Ongoing Maintenance & Strategy.”. The variety of services that Bloom Consulting Firm offers is simply second to none, allowing it to differentiate itself from other competitors, all whilst upholding an immense standard of quality. This quality, is of course, a direct product of Katy’s impeccable industry insight and the talents of her tight-knit team.

When we reached out to Katy for a brief explanation on how she chooses to guide Bloom Consulting Firm, she expressed how her leadership style “… is a blend between transformational leadership and servant leadership. I truly believe in the power of a positive and better tomorrow, and leading with values, passion, integrity, and vision is key to making our team successful…”. By assembling a team with different backgrounds, beliefs, and diverse strengths, Katy has built a powerhouse whose foundations represent a complementary mix of individuals. By serving her team and clients alike, Katy finds that she’s able to seamlessly empower every party involved in the branding process, which ultimately leads to daily growth and success.

Katy’s outlook on her position as CEO is one that revolves around the concept of being relentless in her approach and stretching her mind creatively and strategically beyond any previously perceived limitation. It’s for this reason that Bloom Consulting Firm came to be – it exists as a means to dynamically challenge the mindset and status quo, and open the client’s eyes to the boundless potential that lies in wait for them. For years, Katy has kept this quality at the heart of Bloom Consulting Firm’s practises, and it’s what enabled it to define itself through its infamous tagline – ‘Push Beyond the Obvious’. Between cultivating experience in top-tier sales roles and co-creating Spark Media Group, Katy and her team have garnered a plethora of fantastic achievements that truly cement their place in the industry.

When considering the bright future of Bloom Consulting Firm, we believe Katy puts it best – “I believe the only true limitations we experience are set by our own mindsets. I plan to continue to lead and grow this company to become a world-class business that impacts many lives and businesses to come. As for my personal self, I am devoted to continuously learning and studying myself, as well as other leaders that I admire, in order to accelerate and propel growth.”. It’s evident that Katy has big plans for 2024, and we simply can’t wait to see how they manifest as we step into the coming year.

Primarily focused on designing marketing and advertising strategies to elevate market visibility for its clients, Bloom Consulting Firm is a collective that has consistently demonstrated a knack for helping businesses grow. From small to medium sized businesses, Bloom Consulting Firm promises precision and enthusiasm in all that it does. However, none of this would be possible without its award-winning CEO, Katy Thomas-Young. Below, we delve into how Katy’s prowess has earned her the title of Branding CEO of the Year 2023 – Georgia.